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More and fairer affordable and social housing is coming to Wycombe through Red Kite

Community housing is a vital asset to people in Wycombe. I am pleased that since 2010 this Government has delivered over 357,000 affordable homes, including more than 257,000 for rent. More than three times as much council housing has been built since 2010 than in the previous 13 years. However, local people need more homes for affordable rent and purchase. I recently visited Red Kite Community Housing in High Wycombe to find out how they are reinventing themselves better to […]

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Fighting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Recently, my team and I attended a training session on modern slavery provided in Wycombe by Hope For Justice, a charity which aims to bring an end to modern slavery by rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society. I remain truly shocked about the scale of the problem in the UK. Slavery and human trafficking exists in almost every town and city across the UK. I’m appalled that the moral outrage of slavery persists in the UK today, so many years after […]

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Minimising Fire Risks in Wycombe

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, I have been concerned to ensure that we learn from the events in West London so that a similar blaze does not happen again. I have written to Wycombe District Council and our local social housing associations to encourage them to meet with their local fire and rescue officers. From the responses that I am starting to receive from the social housing associations, I am pleased that they are working closely with the Fire Authorities about this important matter. […]

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Noise reduction on the M40

The M40 runs through my constituency, and noise is one of the biggest areas of environmental complaint from communities living and working near the motorway. Highways England are committed to reducing environmental impact and improving the quality of life for local communities living within close proximity to our major A roads and motorways.The National Noise Programme, run by Highways England, aims to reduce noise levels for at least 1,150 Noise Important Areas by 2020, helping to deliver a better quality of […]

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Investigating the benefits system

I deal with a large amount of benefit-related casework in the Wycombe constituency office and I always hope that benefits are swiftly and accurately paid to avoid people taking on debt. With the introduction of Universal Credit, I have taken the opportunity to write to the Minister to raise particular points about the system on behalf of my constituents, namely: Accurate calculations of Universal Credit Whether Universal Credit can be paid immediately after the assessment Personal Budgeting Support The use of […]

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Stroke service maintains ‘A’ Grade after expansion

I was very pleased today to read that the Stroke Unit at Wycombe Hospital has been awarded an A rating by the Royal College of Physicians following its most recent inspection. The Stroke Unit at Wycombe Hospital offers treatment and support for more than 1,300 actual and suspected stroke patients every year. Every quarter the Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP) team assesses and scores the performance of all aspects of stroke services in every acute hospital in England, Wales and Northern […]

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Accountable Care Systems

Today I would like to join leaders across the health and social care system in Buckinghamshire in welcoming yesterday’s announcement from NHS England that Buckinghamshire will be part of the first wave of Accountable Care Systems being created around the country to deliver improvements to local health care. The system is designed to end the ‘fractured’ health and social care system that leaves too many patients passed from ‘pillar to post’. Local leaders, health experts and communities will have more […]

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Seeking better broadband for Wycombe

During the election campaign, I received correspondence from a number of constituents in reference to the quality of broadband around the local area, including from residents in Piddington. A good broadband service is essential for running businesses so I understand the lack of connectivity is frustrating. High Wycombe has a proud manufacturing heritage and needs to attract a range of businesses to remain a competitive industrial centre near to London. Buckinghamshire and Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) have previously informed […]

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Visit to Premier Analytical Services

On Friday 18 November, I had the opportunity to visit Premier Analytical Services in Wycombe, part of the Premier Foods Group, a leading UK food producer. Premier Analytical Services specialise in the chemical analysis of food, focusing on food authenticity, food composition and food safety. The lab researches a range of issues including mycotoxins, trace contaminates, the overall authenticity of food, allergens, nutrition, vitamins, minerals and additives. Premier Analytical Services has close working links with the food standards agency, food manufacturers and […]

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Fairlife Mark Launch Reception

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On Tuesday 15th November, I was delighted to welcome into Parliament representatives and supporters of the FairLife charity for the launch of the FairLife Mark. The FairLife Mark is a fair trading mark for financial products, services, commitments, education and guidance. A number of FairLife Ambassadors attended, ranging from senior figures in financial industries to university administrators, teachers and school children. Britain is facing a generation of hard-working people struggling to save and struggling to retire. Change is needed now […]

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