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My 5 top tips to get and stay in shape

Every year in High Wycombe, they weigh me. In this video, I explain why and give my 5 top tips for those of us who are overweight to get and stay in shape. As I say, we don’t want to be chasing implausible body images. Here’s my video, Body image – it’s time to Be REAL: And everyone should eat the right calories: only eat less if you are overweight. MyFitnessPal is here (other calorie counters are available): Website: iOS: Android: […]

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Coming soon: Bank of Dave – watch my interview with Dave Fishwick

On 1 February, I caught up with Dave Fishwick, star of Channel 4’s fantastic series Bank of Dave: Convinced that he can do a better job than the high street banks, Dave Fishwick sets up his own small bank and endeavours to make it profitable – in just 180 days Episodes are here. In this interview, you can learn how Burnley Savings and Loans is making progress towards becoming a proper bank by the end of the year, while preserving […]

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Notes on past votes to protect girls from FGM and gender-selection abortion

Today, I met Wycombe High School politics students to answer their questions on a wide range of subjects. I was asked about this vote on Public Whip, which the student had interpreted as being against girl’s interests. It stands as a lesson in how difficult it can be to properly follow events and interpret votes in the House of Commons: I was acting to increase protection for girls. In answering the question without advance notice, I regret I confused two votes. In both cases, […]

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The #Article50 Bill – Will your MP #KeepNotificationSimple?

The #Article50 Bill – Will your MP #KeepNotificationSimple? — Steve Baker MP (@SteveBakerHW) February 6, 2017

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Vote on second reading of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

Last night, the House of Commons voted on second reading of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill. The result was 498 in favour with 114 against, a majority of 384. Only one Conservative MP voted against the principle of the Bill. A full list by party of how MPs voted may be found here. There were some outstanding speeches in the course of the debate. Former minister and staunch supporter of the European Union Alistair Burt said, after explaining he would […]

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ERG: The PM’s anticipated speech on the EU

In advance of an anticipated speech by the Prime Minister on leaving the EU, European Research Group Chair Steve Baker MP and Deputy Chair Michael Tomlinson MP have issued the following statement on behalf of the ERG Officers: Following the Prime Minister’s speech to conference, we are confident the Government is going down entirely the right track. We’ll be delighted when it’s clear we will be taking advantage of the practically unlimited opportunities which will come from leaving the EEA […]

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We must have a real EU exit, not a fake one

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This weekend, we relaunch the expanded European Research Group (ERG) of Conservative MPs, which I chair. I am proud that ERG Vice Chair Suella Fernandes MP has taken the lead. For the Telegraph,  Suella writes ‘Britain must untie itself from EU shackles by using Brexit to leave the customs union’. Sixty Conservatives, plus colleagues from the DUP, Labour and UKIP have united behind her, agreeing on the statement, “The UK must leave the European Economic Area (EEA) and the Customs Union”, the […]

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Book Review – All Out War: The Full Story of How Brexit Sank Britain’s Political Class, Tim Shipman

In its coverage of the most prominent characters and events of the referendum campaign and leadership contest, Shipman’s account is one of breathtaking completeness and great accuracy. To read All Out War is to relive the final year of the decades-long EU campaign. In all the circumstances, Shipman was right to emphasise the central figures, not least to constrain what is already a book of over 600 pages. However, many of the Parliamentarians who struggled resolutely for decades to achieve […]

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The EU: what next? Presentation to MHA Maclntyre Hudson

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On 21 October, MHA Maclntyre Hudson High Wycombe kindly invited me to present ideas on our exit from the EU to a large group of their clients, many of them our local businesses. My slides were as follows: Some of the documents on which I drew may be found here: Business for Britain: Change, or Go Road to Brexit, report of a conference at All Souls College, 9 September 2016 Trade Tools for the 21st Century I am most grateful to MHA Maclntyre Hudson and to all […]

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The Government is making good progress for Calais Child Refugees

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On 26 October, the French Government announced that the Calais Jungle had been cleared. The migrants who had previously been living at the camp have been entered into the French immigration and asylum system. Questions have been asked in recent days about the fate of unaccompanied children living in Calais. There has been a statement in the Commons by the Home Secretary. The question of the plight of child refugees and migrants in Calais properly arouses strong views. Our hearts […]

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