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Sean Corrigan: Still crazy after all these years

Via The Cobden Centre, Sean Corrigan reflects on the year from an economic perspective: So, here we are, drawing to the close of another year and still we struggle with the legacy of the last Boom, still we search around for macro economic Tooth-Fairy, ‘liquidity’ solutions to the problems caused by our earlier misallocations of capital instead of facing the fact that insolvent entities need to be liquidated and their assets put to work by people who’ve shown they can […]

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Via ZeroHedge: BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: “The Collapse Is Coming…And Goldman Rules The World”

Via ZeroHedge, an interview which astonishes me only in as much as this has appeared on the BBC: As I have indicated again and again and again and again, our present economic system is in profound trouble and it will not be fixed by bailouts. We need money which holds its value: money which has meaning, not money which can be systematically debased to secretly cover politicians’ promises. As I said on the Vine Show recently, generations of politicians have failed us. […]

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Economics and King Canute

Via Phases of the crisis – are we approaching the endgame? » The Cobden Centre: “Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings. For there is none worthy of the name but God, whom heaven, earth and sea obey”. So spoke King Canute the Great, the legend says, as waves lapped round his feet. Canute had learned that his flattering courtiers claimed he was “so great, he could command the tides of the sea to go […]

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Article on the money supply at thejc.com

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Via Honesty is best policy | The Jewish Chronicle, my article on measuring the money supply: Ask economists how much money there is and you will get many answers. You know money is what you can exchange for real goods and services, but economists often include things like time deposits, which cannot be spent because they have fixed terms. Money is one half of every transaction, so its supply really matters. According to my colleague Dr Anthony J Evans of Kaleidic […]

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The Austrians Were Right, Yet Again – Jeffrey A. Tucker – Mises Daily

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Via The Austrians Were Right, Yet Again, Jeffrey A. Tucker sets out the way it is in the USA: After three-plus years of floundering around, a consensus has finally arrived that we are back in recession. Growth is not happening. The meager statistical growth of the past few years — no one dared claim it amounted to full recovery — was probably illusory. He goes on to catalogue the government interventions which have been a failure before quoting some of […]

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