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David Cameron’s speech in full – Telegraph

Via David Cameron’s speech in full – Telegraph, a biting attack on the liberal left: Oh yes, I do understand. Believe me I do understand and I am disgusted by the idea that we should aim for any less for a child from a poor background than a rich one. I have contempt for the notion that we should accept narrower horizons for a black child than a white one. Yes it’s the age-old irony of the liberal left: they practice […]

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Bank reform: a radical Conservatism

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A presentation made at Conservative Spring Forum on Saturday – Bank Reform: a radical Conservatism (PDF, 2.5MB): Thanks to all those who attended this Selsdon Group fringe and gave such warm feedback.

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Salamanca, the birthplace of economics

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This post originally appeared on cobdencentre.org. Cobden Centre Chairman, Toby Baxendale, and Corporate Affairs Director, Steve Baker, are this week in Salamanca, Spain for the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s Supporters Summit 2009: One of the great discoveries of the 20th century concerns the origins of economic science in the late middle ages in Spain and Italy. Long before Adam Smith wrote, many scholastics from the 14th through the 17th centuries were writing systematic economic theory. We heard this morning how […]

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“Now for Change” – why it was quiet here last week

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On Monday and Tuesday last week, I attended Conservative Party conference where I chaired three joint debates for the Centre for Social Justice and the Smith Institute: The Bank Bailouts — Who have they benefitted? Housing Crisis — What kind of recovery? Bankrupt Britain — Do we need a new insolvency system? All three were fascinating. During the Bailout conversation, I was able to contrast the left’s view that more — more! — intervention is required in money, bank credit […]

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Ireland votes yes to Lisbon treaty | World news | guardian.co.uk

Via Ireland votes yes to Lisbon treaty | World news | guardian.co.uk : In a dramatic political U-turn, Ireland has voted decisively in favour of the Lisbon treaty just 16 months after it first rejected the European Union reform plan. With counting continuing this evening it was expected that 64% of those who voted in Friday’s referendum would have backed the treaty. But I don’t like this result: best two out of three? Now expect to hear Eurocrats celebrating the […]

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Marxists shocked to discover Tories burning against social injustice

The self-confessed Marxists from The New Statesman held a conference fringe event today: “Policing Social Cohesion”. They were surprised by the number who attended. The room was stuffed full of people who railed against social injustice and Labour’s top-down control, which is, as we heard, a straightjacket on all involved. Just one example here. Their political editor asked PPC for Hammersmith Shaun Bailey whether, given his passion against injustice and greedy bankers, he should actually be a Conservative: the room […]

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Conservative Conference

Today was a thoroughly uplifting day at the Conservative Conference. People are in no doubt that there is much to do to persuade the Country that we can turn things around, and there are plenty of policies to do so. More here and on ConservativeHome.

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