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Safer, more secure communities

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Via the Conservative Party, new figures show that crime has fallen by more than a fifth since we came to power:

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An important truth about tax: history shows a limit to what people will pay

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Following the Prime Minister’s pledges on tax, the commentators are at work dissecting the implications. The Financial Times in particular is critical. An important fact seems to have been forgotten. The evidence of the past century is that there is a practical limit to how much tax a government can take. During my lifetime, it has not mattered whether governments have been of left or right, whether they have appeared to lower taxes or raise them, about 40% of GDP has been […]

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Help to Work Scheme Launches

The Help to Work scheme – a new intensive support scheme to get the long-term unemployed into work – launched last week. A key part of the Government’s long-term economic plan is to deliver the highest levels of employment, making sure that everyone who can work is given the support and opportunity to do so.  The Help to Work Scheme will give Job Centre staff a new range of options to support the hardest to help people and provide more support […]

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Our Plan for Real Change in Europe

Via our plan for real change in Europe: I’m proud to have played my part in securing this policy and I will now gladly see it through.

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Same old Labour

Via the Conservatives’ YouTube channel: Meanwhile: Cutting the jobs tax, creating more jobs

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