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Government changes policy over causing death or serious injury while disqualified.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has announced that the Government has changed its policy on causing death or serious injury on the roads through driving while disqualified. Now, if the person who caused an accident leading to someone’s death is found to be already disqualified from driving, the driver will face up to 10 years imprisonment. National Chairman of MAG – the Motorcycle Action Group -, John Mitchell says, “MAG has been campaigning for a change to the sentencing guidelines for a […]

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AGM of the Association of British Drivers

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Some months ago, I agreed to become a Patron of the Association of British Drivers, together with Karl McCartney MP and David Morris MP, so I was glad today to speak at their 2011 AGM. My presentation covered: Coalition policy for the roads Fuel prices: how tax and currency debasement drive pump prices, also promoting fairfueluk.com Speed limits and enforcement Congestion and road infrastructure The politics of driving My fledgling idea for a programme towards a better way – The Great […]

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ConservativeHome’s Platform: Steve Baker MP: Britain’s low-carbon transport future will rely on petrol and diesel

When Norman Baker delivered his recent statement on the sustainable local transport White Paper, I was surprised he said: “our transport decarbonisation strategy centres around the progressive electrification of the passenger car fleet”. Of course, I understand why the Government is attempting to promote the use of electric cars and to decarbonise our transport system at taxpayer expense. There’s a consensus among certain political elites about what’s best for us all but it appears we won’t choose to do as others think we ought, so […]

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Coping with heavy snow (or why I am a winter tyre bore)

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The Royal Air Force used to send me to Bardufoss in Arctic Norway, in winter. I learned there that, if you want to drive on snow, use winter tyres and, if you want to drive on ice, have studs in them. The point was hammered home when we went to Ørland near Trondheim, south of the Arctic Circle, for a month from mid-September. We drove there in British cars, using the ferry from Newcastle to Bergen, and of course they were […]

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Skidz Awards

I had the pleasure last night of attending the Skidz awards. Skidz is: A Motor Project that gives young people a chance to gain vocational skills in motor mechanics in an adult work-style environment so that they have a better chance of finding employment. And SKIDZ Motor Projects support a wide range of young people and adults who may be experiencing difficulties in the more traditional educational settings. The personalised courses help to re-engage, inspire and educate – both practically […]

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