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Feeling upbeat

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Well, after visiting the magnificent Wycombe Abbey School yesterday to discover that they are very happy to share their facilities with the state sector, and after a great doorstep session this morning in Totteridge, where I found Labour voters coming over to the Conservatives, I am feeling rather upbeat, despite disquieting polling and despite agreeing with William Hague: And I say it is that most crucial election because I believe the choice for Britain is as stark as this: it […]

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The Conservative Party | News | Cameron launches our draft manifesto for schools

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David Cameron has launched the education section of the ‘Mending our Broken Society’ chapter of the Conservative Party’s draft manifesto, and is asking for your questions about it online. Read more: Cameron launches our draft manifesto for schools.

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State Boarding Schools

Did you know the UK has 35 state boarding schools? Each year, state boarding schools regularly out-perform other state schools with many topping academic league tables around the country. The combination of the excellent state-funded education and a stable boarding community enables pupils to make the most of their talents and abilities. I spent this afternoon at Wycombe’s Royal Grammar School, attending the annual conference of the State Boarding Schools’ Association. I was deeply impressed by the outstanding governors, headteachers […]

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“Sex and drug lessons from age 5″

Via Sex and drug lessons from age 5 – Telegraph, another forcible attempt to reengineer society, irrespective of the wishes of responsible parents: Under the new curriculum, pupils as young as seven will learn about puberty and the facts of life and five-year-olds will be taught about parts of the body, relationships and the effects of drugs on the body. Once they reach secondary school, pupils will learn about contraception, HIV and Aids, pregnancy and different kinds of relationships – […]

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GTP Teachers | Transform your life, transform their futures.

Via GTP Teachers | Transform your life, transform their futures, a strong initiative to place skilled graduates into teaching: GTP Teachers specialise in placing accomplished professionals into Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) placements with secondary schools in both the private and state sectors. We have nationwide coverage an a large candidate bank to choose from. GTP Teachers provide high quality recruitment services to the UK education sector. We like to form a bond of trust built over time between school and candidate […]


Doctors demand ban on all alcohol advertising – Times Online

The BMA demand a resort to force: A total ban on alcohol advertising must be introduced by the Government to halt an epidemic of problem drinking, doctors’ leaders said today. A report from the British Medical Association (BMA) has called for a sea change in the approach to alcohol regulation to halt promotions including happy hours and sponsorship of music and sports events. The move is necessary to stem the invidious ways it is promoted, particularly to young people, it […]

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We’re in danger of entering a new Dark Age – Telegraph

As I was saying to Beth only the other day after reading Roche*: Distracted by celebrity, softened up by the education system, we have also succumbed to what you could call intellectual relativism. We have reached a state of affairs whereby people believe that the validity of their views is determined by the strength with which they hold them, not by any reference to empiricism. And so we hear phrases such as “Well that is your truth – it’s not […]

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Freedom, responsibility and the “New Left”

Many who are in power on the New Left today were students when this was written in Education in America: Meaningful freedom has always implied responsibility, and responsibility demands self-control. Self-control presupposes guidelines within which the individual attempts to live in accord with accepted and acceptable standards. The denial of those standards and of the necessity for self-control in the name of “academic freedom” is as much a denial of true freedom for the individual as is an attempt to […]

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Right, wrong and education

Consider these news stories: Pupils will no longer have to be taught the difference between “right and wrong” under draft plans put forward by England’s exams regulator. via BBC NEWS | Education | ‘Right and wrong’ lessons to end. Parents should avoid telling their children what is “right and wrong” when discussing sex education, according to a new government leaflet. via Parents advised to stay away from ‘right or wrong’ in sex advice – Telegraph. In the context of this […]

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The Spell of Plato

At a friend’s request, I spoke to a sixth form class on “The Spell of Plato”, explaining how Plato’s philosophy is relevant today. As the title suggests, I used Popper’s critique of Plato’s philosophy to explore these two propositions: Government ought to control us to ensure social, political and economic justice. We ought to control ourselves within the law to ensure freedom and progress. We discovered that Plato’s Spell — his plan for building the perfect state in which every […]

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