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Briefing: Understanding the EU

The European Union in all its complexities and controversies is often not well understood. I am therefore publishing today a briefing: Understanding the European Union (PDF). The development of the European Union (EU) is defined by the principle of ever-greater integration expressed in the relevant treaties, notably in the preamble about ‘ever closer union’. That is, the goal is continual integration among the nations of Europe until economic, monetary, fiscal and political union has been achieved. The Lisbon Treaty defines the EU, […]

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Conservatives for Britain reaction to the Greek referendum result

At the time of writing, with over 57% of the Greek referendum result known, it appears the result is 61% no and 39% yes. Today’s dramatic result is a wake-up call for the failed EU Establishment. Even the most vulnerable small nation will not be bullied by supranational authorities. The result reflects the politics of neither left nor right but the democratic rejection of an imposed solution to the country’s problems. Whatever we may think of the politics and economics […]

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EU published plans for ‘independent media councils’ to monitor media across the EU with powers to remove journalistic status

It has recently been brought to my attention that in 2013, the little known ‘High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism” published a report calling for new regulatory bodies to provide oversight of journalists and publishers across Europe to ensure they act responsibly. The report stated that “Such bodies would have competences to investigate complaints [and] should have real enforcement powers, such as the imposition of fines, orders for printed or broadcast apologies, or removal of journalistic status.” The […]

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The last gasp of an outdated ideology – speech on the EU

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I’ve been asked to publish my speech at the launch of Politeia’s The UK and the EU: what must change? by Bernard Jenkin, Sir William Cash and John Redwood. I did not have a script: this is a close parallel of the main substance of my remarks. In 2007, a British MP visited the Czech Republic to make a speech on the European Union. He said, It is the last gasp of an outdated ideology, a philosophy that has no place in our new […]

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Statement on the formation of an Exploratory Committee for the EU Referendum

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This is the statement issued by the Exploratory Committee for the No Campaign in the EU Referendum: Statement on the formation of an Exploratory Committee for the EU Referendum The following have agreed to form an Exploratory Committee for the EU Referendum: Steve Baker MP Douglas Carswell MP Kate Hoey MP Kelvin Hopkins MP Bernard Jenkin MP Owen Paterson MP Graham Stringer MP The Government is committed to renegotiating the UK’s terms of membership of the EU and to a […]

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Conservatives for Britain speeches on the EU Referendum Bill

The EU Referendum Bill Second Reading debate may be watched again here. Please use the index on the right of that page to jump to individual speeches. It was an historic event. Soon, the British people will have the opportunity to choose between the radical step of European political integration or the moderate choice: a trading and co-operating United Kingdom. Here is a summary of contributions to debate by declared Conservatives for Britain members. Owen Paterson began by reminding the […]

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About Conservatives for Britain

Conservatives for Britain is a group of Conservative Party members who: Consider the UK’s present relationship with the EU to be untenable, Take an optimistic, globalist view of the UK’s future, Support the Party’s policy of renegotiation and referendum based on the Wharton Bill franchise and question, Wish to explore what objectives the negotiations must achieve to ensure that they meet the PM’s objective, “to reform the EU and fundamentally change Britain’s relationship with it” (PM, Hansard, Col 1122, 23 […]

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The three essential points of a successful EU renegotiation

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Our present relationship with the European Union is untenable. As David Cameron has said, “we need fundamental, far-reaching change”. We are now in a Parliament which will deliver an in/out referendum on our membership after a renegotiation by the Government. The following three points must be achieved if any renegotiation is to be successful: A sovereign Parliament. The elected representatives of the British people must have the freedom and power to determine the law which governs life in the United Kingdom.  Today, EU rules account for […]

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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Recent campaigns set out concerns regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), particularly with regard to privatisation of the NHS and public services. This is another area where there are two questions: Should Parliament be able to determine policy in this area? What should that policy be? Because we are members of the European Union which is, amongst other things, a customs union, the Common Commercial Policy remains an exclusive EU competence as set out in the Lisbon Treaty. […]

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EU rules account for 65% of UK law

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Via Business for Britain: Our research shows that 64.7 per cent of the laws in force in the UK today either originate from the European Union (EU) or are deemed to be EU influenced by the House of Commons Library. […] The percentage of laws originating from the EU is far higher than numbers previously cited by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, but also lower than those quoted by Nigel Farage in last year’s head to head TV debates. The key […]

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