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M40 noise – no wonder people worry about HS2

Beth and I had the opportunity for an early walk this morning from West Wycombe to Lane End. The Chilterns were stunning, but we were reminded how intrusive M40 noise can be. This video gives an indication. The M40 Chiltern Environmental Group represent residents on this issue. The M40 emerged from our bypass so, unfortunately, it runs too close to too many homes. I’m reminded to pick the issue up once again and that, with this experience, it’s no wonder people worry […]

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M40 Chiltern Environmental Group

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I had the pleasure today of meeting Ken Edwards, Peter Jennings and Michael Diggins of the M40 Chiltern Environmental Group. We explored the history of the M40, the problem and potential avenues to explore within today’s tight financial situation. Living very near the M40 in Daws Hill, I have every sympathy with the Group’s objectives. The following chart is a noise report for my area: Note that noise levels are for the most part above 65 dBA, which would be a […]

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