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A new debate is emerging on the scope of the state

Few people would tolerate a country in which the poor starved or went homeless and yet in Wycombe food is provided by the One Can Trust and emergency winter shelter by Wycombe Homeless Connection. Last time I divided the social security budget (£207bn) by the number of people in poverty (13m), the figure of almost £16,000 was higher than the income of over half the population. Despite spending so much money, the welfare state fails to keep people to a decent […]

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Our ballooning national debt – is City AM the only paper worth reading?

This morning in City A.M., Editor Allister Heath writes once again about the lamentable failure of the political and media class properly to inform the public debate on our country’s finances. Referring to a poll asking whether the Coalition is cutting the national debt, keeping it the same or increasing it: These same questions were first asked at the beginning of the year by ComRes, last time on behalf of the Centre for Policy Studies. Depressingly, the public’s economic literacy […]

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Via The House magazine, “We’ve got such profound, deep-rooted problems and we’re messing around scoring silly political points.”

I recently gave a frank interview to The House magazine. You can find it on PoliticsHome: He volunteered for the Centre for Social Justice and formed the Cobden [Centre], described as “an educational charity to promote social progress through honest money”, and within three years was elected as the MP for Wycombe. Parliament, he says, is an “extremely frustrating” place to work. “The whole system is set up to stop you achieving anything,” he argues. “The theatre of Parliament I […]

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David Fishwick, the Bank of Dave and the causes of the economic crisis

I first met David Fishwick on 15 March this year. He was interviewing a series of MPs for his Channel 4 documentary Bank of Dave: David Fishwick is so fed up with the way that the banks are treating people he’s decided to open his own tiny bank to serve his local community in Burnley and help the people the banks have turned down. Dave’s plan is to open an old fashioned bank and be a hands-on bank manager giving […]

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For The Spectator Coffee House – Why tolerate central banking?

“Did you encourage them to make up the made up thing to their own advantage?” That’s how one Twitter correspondent paraphrased a question to the Deputy Governor of the Bank.  The LIBOR scandal has exposed the institutions and culture of the City to popular scrutiny as never before.  The population is reacting with justified incredulity to the absurdity it is finding. Read the rest of my article here.

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