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Do we have a moral obligation to be happy for the sake of others?

I woke this morning to an interesting question on Twitter: @gmaxski Thanks: I think that shows how important it is to have something positive to say. A good thought with which to start the day. @gmaxski Thanks: I think that shows how important it is to have something positive to say. A good thought with which to start the day. — Steve Baker MP (@SteveBakerMP) January 30, 2015 It reminded me of this video from Prager University, Why be happy? […]

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Cutting income tax for 30 million people

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Via Share The Facts: While Labour and the Lib Dems have confirmed they will raise taxes, we’re committed to cutting income tax and rewarding hard work. Income tax cuts are a key part of our long-term economic plan – to help taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money and be more financially secure. In this Parliament, we’ve halved the deficit as a percentage of GDP and cut taxes at the same time – proving that tax cuts and a stronger […]

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The NHS Five Year Forward View

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Last week, the NHS published a Five Year Forward View. Amongst other things, it envisages a new care model which is close to the proposals I have brought forward – the Primary and Acute Care System: We will now permit a new variant of integrated care in some parts of England by allowing single organisations to provide NHS list-based GP and hospital services, together with mental health and community care services. And, In some circumstances – such as in deprived urban communities […]

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Book review: A Brief History of Liberty, Schmidtz and Brennan

A Brief History of Liberty by David Schmidtz and Jason Brennan “provides a comprehensive, philosophically–informed portrait of the elusive nature of one of our most cherished ideals”. Each chapter begins with a thesis, comprises a lively, engaging and well-referenced discussion and concludes with questions to consider and comprehensive notes. The theses are as follows: Introduction, Conceptions of Freedom. “Thesis: There are several forms of liberty. Whether they are conflicting or complementary is a matter of historical circumstance.” Chapter 1, A […]

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A “UKIP earthquake”? No – a landslide for disengagement

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Politicians don’t care much about turnout. That’s why most politicians and commentators don’t talk about it. What politicians care about is winning. There’s plenty of news right now about a “UKIP earthquake“. The BBC reports UKIP gaining 30% in an area where they had not run before. They explain excitedly the prospect of UKIP as a disruptive force. So it seems. However, I’ve just learned that the turnout in Wycombe District — somewhat larger than the constituency — was 41,381, […]

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