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Transport for Buckinghamshire Road Surfacing Notification

This week as part of the countywide carriageway surfacing programme Transport for Buckinghamshire will be carrying out work at the following locations in my constituency:     The Link, Hazlemere (2/3/16) Daytime micro surfacing works, using a road closure. Toms Turn, Hazlemere (2/3/16 to 3/3/16) Daytime micro surfacing works, using a road closure. Rowan Close, Hazlemere (3/3/16) Daytime micro surfacing works, using a road closure. Highfield Way, Hazlemere (3/3/16 to 4/3/16) Daytime micro surfacing works, using a road closure. Tylers Road/Rushmoor Avenue, Hazlemere (4/3/16 […]

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Extra £2.5 million to help repair roads

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Via a Bucks County Council press release, welcome news on our roads, which are at last improving: Buckinghamshire will receive £2.5 million from the Department for Transport’s (DfT) £140 million road repair fund. This follows a bid by Buckinghamshire County Council in response to the DfT’s announcement on March 9 making the money available to highway authorities to help repair damage to roads caused by the recent storms and flooding. The County Council’s bid highlighted areas for repair following the recent […]

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Winter weather driving courses in Wycombe

Transport for Buckinghamshire is helping drivers prepare for winter weather. It is offering the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to drive more safely during the winter. Buckinghamshire can be prone to micro-climates, which means an unexpected variation from the surrounding conditions, and these are more frequent during the winter months. The Road Safety Team is offering a Winter Driving Workshop in partnership with STS Tyre Pros garages at Aylesbury, Chesham and High Wycombe during November. Workshops include a presentation by a […]

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Major road improvements start at Chapel Lane junction, 14 October

Works to improve the A40/A4010 Chapel Lane junction in Wycombe are set to start on 14 October 2013. Phase 1 of the works will divert or protect various utility equipment including electricity, gas and cable television. The works are required to enable the construction of the main project which is set to take place between February and May 2014. The works will impact on the flow of traffic due to some lane closures in place at times and Transport for Buckinghamshire seeks […]

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Preparation for winter in Bucks starts now

Despite the hot weather, staff at Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) are already busy preparing for winter. Last year, 1406 km of roads were gritted: 40% of the roads in the county. Deliveries of salt starting in July will ensure that there is enough in reserve to cope with freezing temperatures and icy road conditions. In total, 10,000 tonnes of salt will be delivered across the five stores in Bucks. Apart from spreading on roads to combat freezing conditions, TfB also fill […]

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£50bn UK road investment announced

The Government has announced a road investment programme up to £50bn over the next 10-15 years to deliver a world class road network: Action for Roads: A network for the 21st Century.  The Government believes that the proposals laid out in this paper represent the most radical change to the management of UK highways in nearly half a century, and the biggest investment in improvements since the seventies. The paper sets out what the next steps the Government has planned: […]

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Bucks County pledge extra £3m on local road repairs

The Conservative-run County Council has announced a one-off £3 million addition to this year’s £25m budget for road maintenance in Buckinghamshire. Many people have voiced their concern over the state of Wycombe’s roads. This move by the County Council should start to improve matters. As a frequent road user in Wycombe and the wider Buckinghamshire area, both by car and on my motorcycle, I look forward to the prospective improvements. While these additional funds will help to reduce the backlog […]

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Motorcyclists: ‘Stay in Control’ this Summer

The Government’s ‘Stay In Control’ campaign — developed with partners from the motorcycle industry -– encourages motorcyclists to refine their riding by taking advanced training with qualified instructors and to consider being especially vigilant when road traffic increases as the summer weather arrives. The Minister, Stephen Hammond, has said: Motorcyclists make up just 1% of the traffic on our roads but last year accounted for 19% of deaths. So reducing the number of bikers killed on our roads is a key […]

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DfT award County Council £1.254M to reduce traffic congestion on A40, High Wycombe

News from Buckinghamshire County Council about a junction which inconveniences so many of us in High Wycombe: Buckinghamshire County Council is delighted to announce that it has been successful in being awarded funding of £1.254 million from the Department for Transport (DfT) for the Bucks Connectivity project at A40/A4010 Chapel Lane, High Wycombe. The project will reduce congestion at this traffic bottleneck and is the very first scheme to be named by the Department for Transport in Tranche 1 of […]

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Debate on fuel prices

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There has been a tremendous turnout today for the debate on fuel prices, with Rob Halfon leading, supported by Fair Fuel UK. I am delighted so many members are today pressing for lower taxes on behalf of constituents. Fuel taxes are a scandalous cash cow for the Treasury and it is time the motorist received a fair deal. As I replied to the many constituents who first wrote to me about the campaign, a substantial, sustainable cut to fuel duty […]

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