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Preparation for winter in Bucks starts now

Despite the hot weather, staff at Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) are already busy preparing for winter. Last year, 1406 km of roads were gritted: 40% of the roads in the county. Deliveries of salt starting in July will ensure that there is enough in reserve to cope with freezing temperatures and icy road conditions. In total, 10,000 tonnes of salt will be delivered across the five stores in Bucks. Apart from spreading on roads to combat freezing conditions, TfB also fill […]

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Aircraft operations in winter

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I’ve just come from the Transport Committee, where we heard from the airlines and the airfield operators about December’s disruption due to snow. It had me reflecting on my time involved with Jaguar operations in Arctic Norway, right. We had some advantages over British airports and the commercial airlines: There were no passengers. If aircraft operations were abandoned, we just had to find something to occupy our time. There were not ever-growing thousands of people to care for. We kept […]

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After the snowfall

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Coping with heavy snow (or why I am a winter tyre bore)

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The Royal Air Force used to send me to Bardufoss in Arctic Norway, in winter. I learned there that, if you want to drive on snow, use winter tyres and, if you want to drive on ice, have studs in them. The point was hammered home when we went to Ørland near Trondheim, south of the Arctic Circle, for a month from mid-September. We drove there in British cars, using the ferry from Newcastle to Bergen, and of course they were […]

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Bucks CC: Winter Plan in Action

Via Buckinghamshire County Council Press Release 1915 30/11/2010: Winter Plan in Action As Buckinghamshire encounters the first of this season’s snow, Transport for Buckinghamshire is stepping up to ensure the roads are kept safe. They are currently salting 40% of the road network, equating to 1,375km and are on call 24 hours a day, ready to respond to changing weather conditions. Salt bins and heaps are provided at locations around the county and can be used for treating footways and unsalted […]

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