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Speech on Money Creation and Society

A lady in Wycombe recently asked me the following questions: Why is my house valued higher than its worth? Why do crashes keep happening every 8 years? Who owns the money supply and how does it relate to gold? Why haven’t I had cost of living pay rise for 7 years yet the CEO has just bought a pacific island? Why do quarterly targets keep going up at work and what is the end game of this model? Why has […]

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In Defence of Capitali$m | a Christian perspective for BMS World Mission

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[BMS World Mission asked me to write a defence of capitalism from a Christian perspective for their magazine Mission Catalyst. It appears in Issue 4 2014, alongside a defence of socialism.  The article is online here and reproduced below. The entire issue is available to read as published here. I may reply to the defence of socialism if time allows.] I want an end to poverty. I want a social system which operates justly in the general interest without boom and […]

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How choice and competition improve society

Writing today for City AM, Paul Ormerod argues “It’s time to fight the claim that consumer choice doesn’t improve public services”. Quite right. Ormerod indicates one of the trends of our time: The new Labour shadow transport secretary Mary Creagh said last week that she was “open” to the idea of returning all train services to state control. Damaging reports into the Al-Madinah free school in Derby have led to sustained attacks on the idea of freeing schools from local […]

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A revolutionary speech – The Wrong Messiah

I gave the talk this morning at Speen Church. We’re not especially Baptist (apparently!) but we do practice the priesthood of all believers. I chose as my theme the book The Wrong Messiah, by Nick Page. From the cover: He came from the wrong social class, the wrong place and the wrong profession. He ate with the wrong people, championed the wrong causes and attracted the wrong kind of supporters. He even spoke with the wrong accent. In fact everything […]

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Introducing WycombeFirst – “Industry enriches”

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Today, I’m launching WycombeFirst: WycombeFirst is an initiative to promote Wycombe businesses. We know that industry – productive work in the service of others – helps individuals to flourish, builds up society and creates a prosperous future. Each week, WycombeFirst will showcase local businesses in different sectors. We’re proud of Wycombe’s entrepreneurs and workforce – we believe you’ll see why. Find out more here: Why WycombeFirst?

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