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Slides: Leaving the EU – a personal perspective, prepared for Chiltern Chamber of Commerce

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This morning, I spoke at Chiltern Chamber of Commerce’s Post-Brexit Networking Breakfast, providing a personal perspective on “Leaving the EU, what next?” As promised, the slides are available here: 20160716-EU-WhatNext. Many thanks to Chiltern Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity. A transcript is not available.

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Outside the EU, the UK can make its own trade deals

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Inside the EU, the UK is unable to make any trade deals of its own. We must rely on the EU negotiating on our behalf. We are at the mercy of 27 other EU countries serving their own interests. For example, the EU trade deal with Canada is stalled in a row over visa-free travel for Romania and Bulgaria. The Remain campaign is peddling scare stories, pessimism and implausible assumptions about our trade. It’s in everyone’s mutual interests smoothly to agree to continue open trading relations. There […]

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A common market with the world, not a failing common government with Europe

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International free trade is vital for any modern economy. The EU is in charge of our international trade: within the EU, the UK is unable to agree its own trade deals. Today, we trade more with countries outside the EU (56 percent) than within (44 percent).  The UK has a trade surplus of £31 billion with non-EU countries per year, but a deficit of £67.8 billion with the EU. See the relevant Commons Library brief for more. In some cases, we do more trade with countries without a trade deal than […]

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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Recent campaigns set out concerns regarding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), particularly with regard to privatisation of the NHS and public services. This is another area where there are two questions: Should Parliament be able to determine policy in this area? What should that policy be? Because we are members of the European Union which is, amongst other things, a customs union, the Common Commercial Policy remains an exclusive EU competence as set out in the Lisbon Treaty. […]

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Report: The EU’s impact on UK micro-business

The Fresh Start Project has recently produced a paper on the EU and the UK’s micro-business: Constraining What should be Nurtured. Written by my colleagues Anne Marie Morris and Andrea Leadsom, the report argues that national governments must retain the right to implement their own definitions of what constitutes a micro business. Their preferred approach would see micro businesses in the UK defined as those employing fewer than five people with a turnover of less than £250,000. They recommend three […]

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Unemployment down nationally, regionally, and locally

Unemployment in the UK is down by 57,000. It is lower than in May 2010. Unemployment in Buckinghamshire is down – falling by 404 in June to stand at 5,437. It’s now at its lowest level since December 2008. Unemployment in Wycombe is down by 194 from June 2012 and stands at 2,268, which almost a 10% annual decrease. The number of people claiming out of work benefits is lower than at the general election and there are over half a […]

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Introducing the Exporting is GREAT Campaign

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) has launched a new pilot marketing campaign called Exporting is GREAT that will run throughout May 2013 to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) grow internationally. Exporting is GREAT is designed to increase understanding of the benefits of exporting and to drive awareness, and take-up, of the many sources of support and help available. The UKTI knows from research that international trade offers a significant boost to a company’s success. Yet less than 25% […]

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