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“And no more!” – triumph at my 4th weighing-in

As reported by The Telegraph and The Spectator, I’m publicly weighed every year in High Wycombe along with the Mayor and councillors. It’s an attempt to deter us from gaining weight at taxpayer expense. In each of 2011 and 2012, the cry was “And some more!”. After playing the panto villain in 2011, enough was enough by 2012 and, thanks to MyFitnessPal, Parliament’s gym, swimming and running across the Chilterns, this year’s triumphant result was “And no more!” In shock news, if you […]

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Welcoming the new Mayor

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It was my privilege today to welcome High Wycombe’s new Mayor, Cllr Chauhdry Shafique MBE, who I am sure will take every opportunity to strengthen this important local tradition and our community in this Jubilee and Olympic year. Beforehand, we were weighed in: My pie-based training routine paid dividends: I was a couple of pounds heavier this year. I duly received the loud condemnation of the crowd. Adrian Edmondson was there with his Ade in Britain film crew and I […]

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A serious commitment to crew weight

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Each year, the good people of High Wycombe weigh the Mayor, the councillors and the MP to check who is gaining weight at taxpayer expense. It’s a magnificent idea but strangely my Westminster colleagues seem reluctant to institute the tradition on Parliament Square. Unfortunately, I put a little weight on in my first year, it turned out. Here’s me making the most of being booed as a pantomime villain after the fateful cry of “and some more!” Happily, the weight […]

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