Why I am Removing Trolls from my Social Media

As an MP since 2010, I am used to having abuse hurled at me. Every Member of Parliament gets used to it, often from our time as candidates. To an extent, facing anger is part of being what one pillar of our community described as being the safety valve on the pressure cooker that is society. But things daily go too far. Apart from several threats of death and grievous assault, vicious abuse under my posts on social media has […]

An Agenda For Action: Reducing Racial Inequality in Modern Britain

My Foreword to An Agenda For Action: Reducing Racial Inequality in Modern Britain – “Every time I read my name, every time I write my name, every time I hear my name, every time I say my name, I am reminded I am descended from slaves.” That is how one apolitical British Caribbean lady explained to me why Black History Month matters to her. The experience cemented in my mind the vital importance of seeing the other person’s point of […]

My Statement on the UK-Pakistan Returns Agreement

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On Wednesday 17 August 2022, the Home Secretary announced she signed a landmark agreement with Pakistan to return foreign criminals and immigration offenders from the UK to Pakistan.  Please see: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/priti-patel-signs-landmark-returns-deal-with-pakistan.   The agreement with Pakistan is among a series of Returns Agreements signed by the Home Secretary in fifteen months under the Government’s “New Plan for Immigration” to tackle illegal migration.  For example, in May 2021, the UK-India Partnership Migration Deal was signed.  Please see: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-and-india-sign-ground-breaking-partnership-migration-deal.   I welcome these agreements […]

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Defaulting on the Welfare State

It is vital that MPs consider the serious implications of our current public debt commitments and public debt projections. On current projections, the UK will default on its welfare state commitments, including those related to pensions. We must move our debt projections to a sustainable path. The reports that this briefing looks at highlight the need to take a long-term view of our public finances.

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Are We In The Largest Bubble in History? – An Austrian School Analysis by Steve Baker MP & Max Rangeley

It is often discussed how central banks saved the world economy following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. In reality, monetary policy has created an even larger bubble than that which burst in 2008. But the trend has now been going on for a generation – from the 1980s onwards, every recession has been met by creating an even larger debt bubble. This has been done by cutting interest rates to “stimulate” the economy out of recession, but when they are […]

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Growing Hope – nominate for a cake!

Growing Hope High Wycombe is a fantastic charity offering free therapy for children and young people (0-18) with additional needs. They also provide support for parents, carers and siblings through groups and courses. Their therapy clinic is open for referrals for children and families living in the High Wycombe area. Please give generously to Growing Hope, here. At a recent fundraising dinner for the charity, Growing Hope auctioned a cake a month for a year. I won the bidding and […]

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My Statement on the Threatened Closure of High Wycombe’s Driving Test Centre – 27 April 2022

I was extremely disappointed to be informed last week about the threatened closure, once again, of High Wycombe’s Driving Test Centre. Having been through this before, just over a year ago, I remain determined for High Wycombe to maintain driving tests for the thousands of learner drivers in our town. It is essential we have driving tests in High Wycombe, which is why I was thrilled to help secure the lease of the test centre at Cressex Business Park since […]

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The Expiry of the Coronavirus Act

The Prime Minister has stated that he will allow all remaining temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act to expire on 25 March 2022 as is written into the Coronavirus Act. I welcome this announcement. There has been a great deal of confusion about the Coronavirus Act and how the Government has used it. The Coronavirus Act did give the Government sweeping powers to introduce measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic such as closing businesses, schools, and restricting gatherings. However, […]

My Letter to Buckinghamshire Council on the Local Plan

Buckinghamshire Council’s Local Plan will shape future development in Wycombe for years to come. The Plan is currently at an early stage of the consultation. I have written to Ian Thompson, Corporate Director of Planning, Growth and Sustainability at Buckinghamshire Council, setting out my position on a range of issues. I strongly encourage all of my constituents to take part in the consultation so that your voices are heard and can shape the future of our area. The consultation can […]

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Weekly round-up #Working4Wycombe

What I have been up to this week #Working4Wycombe: Met with the International Trade Secretary to make representations on behalf of #Wycombe businesses Heard from #Wycombe GP surgeries about the introduction of link workers to support local people Stood against Islamophobia and raised the contributions of British Muslims in #Wycombe at a debate on Islamophobia Awareness Month in the House of Commons Formally presented a petition to the House of Commons on behalf of the Pine Trees Residents’ Association Raised […]

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