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A proposal for a long term and successful future for Wycombe Hospital from Durrow

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When it comes to our town’s hospital, the electors of Wycombe have left me in no doubt of two things. They demand gold-standard emergency care back in Wycombe and they expect me to provide leadership towards that goal from outside the NHS.

Over the past four years in Parliament, including a year chairing the Conservative back-bench policy committee on health and education, I have searched for solutions. It is clear that there is no going back to the provision of emergency surgery in England’s small hospitals like ours. Over 20 hospitals across the country face the same problem.

This report sets out how a new kind of casualty unit could deliver 24/7 gold-standard emergency care in Wycombe for a clear majority of patients. It is an innovative yet realistic proposal which the NHS could deliver within current resources.

Wycombe hospital must have a bright future. That future must include serving any emergency patient who comes through the door. This proposal from Durrow should be the basis for a new and more hopeful conversation about the future of our hospital.

Download the report here. Please send feedback here.

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