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Many thanks to everyone, whether a Wycombe constituent or not, who has contacted me about the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. 

I know many people have watched what has happened in Parliament over the last few weeks with incredulity. It is clear our democratic institutions are being tested severely: the process has clarified some fundamental issues about the UK constitution and our democracy.  The central arguments are over matters of the first importance, with people of good faith disagreeing and those with political agendas who do not accept the referendum result engaging in various machinations.  

I know most people just want to agree a deal and move on. I feel similarly and I have worked hard to make a satisfactory deal possible. Find more below.


There are number of frequently asked questions in the correspondence I have been sent: I will answer these below. We will keep this page updated as new aspects arise.

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Publications and references

  • A summary of the flaws in the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration, the ERG’s Right to Know: http://bit.ly/ERGRightToKnow
    • How to proceed following the first House of Commons rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) and Political Declaration (PD), A Better Deal and a Better Future: http://bit.ly/BetterDealPDF
    • Why the Commons was right to reject the WA and PD for a third time, Why Brexiteers were right to reject Theresa May’s deal, and why it’s right to reject it again if it is brought back, by Lawyers for Britain: http://bit.ly/RightToRejectDeal
    • The Malthouse Compromise explainer, seeking to find a way to deliver a majority in Parliament for a deal: http://bit.ly/MCExplainer
  • The EU offer of 7 March 2018, covering security cooperation, participation in certain institutions, flights and a comprehensive free trade agreement: http://bit.ly/EUofferMar
  • Draft Treaty Between the UK and Northern Ireland and The European Union for Defence, Security and Intelligence Cooperation by Field Marshal the Lord Guthrie (former Chief of the Defence Staff), Sir Richard Dearlove (former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service) and Professor Gwythian Prins (Emeritus Research Professor, LSE and former member of CDS Strategy Advisory Panel) from Briefings for Brexit: http://bit.ly/DefSyTreaty
  • A comprehensive UK trade policy, Plan A+, Creating a prosperous post-Brexit UK: http://bit.ly/PLANAPlus
  • Navigating the issues of the border with Ireland in order to deliver an advanced FTA for the whole UK:
  • Fact not Friction, exploding the myths of leaving the Customs Union: http://bit.ly/FactNotFriction
  • On joining the EEA, A Norway-style Brexit would be a terrible result that would sell our country short http://bit.ly/ERGNoEEA
  • 30 Truths About Leaving on WTO Terms: http://bit.ly/30Truths
  • A comprehensive archive on trade policy from Competere may be found here.

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