Hugin is a panorama photo stitcher. Given a number of overlapping photographs, preferably of the same exposure, Hugin:

  • Finds the control points which tie the images,
  • Optimizes the images for stitching by distorting them to fit,
  • Stitches them together,
  • Blends the joins.

Thankfully, it has a wizard which takes care of all this. Contrary to the otherwise excellent notes on Wee Planets, Hugin now embeds autopano-sift for automatic control point creation and Enblend for sleek stitching and blending. Hugin is the one program you need.

This image of the east side of the promontory  at Durdle Door was assembled by Hugin from eighteen shots. If you are not too fussy, these don’t take as long to shoot as you would think, but then it really needed 20 to fill in those bottom corners:

Cropping produced this:

And similarly for Durdle Door itself:

Durdle Door, originally uploaded by stevenjbaker.

But my best attempt is probably still my first:

Zauchensee Panorama

You can obtain Hugin free here and support the project here.

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