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Steve Baker is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Wycombe.

The best way for residents of Wycombe constituency to contact me is by sending email to contact@stevebaker.info, including your local postcode. If you don’t live in Wycombe constituency, to be fair to local voters, I will not be able to reply. You can find your own MP here.

We receive large volumes of email, letters and phone calls. We try to reply within two weeks. If you have not received a reply within three weeks, please telephone us on 020 7219 3547 (London) or 01494 448408 (Wycombe).

Please do not contact me through Facebook or other social media. It is not possible to find and focus on Wycombe residents’ correspondence there. Please send email and, if you have not had a reply within three weeks, please call and speak with us: my team and I want to help you. If we are dealing with other local people, you may need to leave a voicemail. Please help us to help you by leaving your name, number and postcode.

Parts of Wycombe District are not in the constituency: you can check here.

Whether or not you live in Wycombe Parliamentary constituency, you can:

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