Paul Goodman MP:

To win one’s first-ever Parliamentary selection – against formidable competition – is extraordinarily rare.

But Steve has managed it – and his achievement this weekend is a demonstration of his energy, gifts and enthusiasm, which I saw at first hand when I met him for the first time last week.

He clearly has a passion for business, sport and, not least, social justice. I suspect that local voters will warm to a candidate who isn’t a professional politician, who knows the area well, and who’s served his country in the armed forces.

Steve is a daring, fizzy and exciting choice. One must never take results for granted – but I’m confident that in due course he’ll be a first-class local MP, and I’m delighted for him.

Selected recommendations from local people:

AW, Walters Ash:

There is no doubt that large swathes of the population have become disillusioned with the self-serving attitude of many MPs from all political parties – especially in the wake of the expenses scandal. While I am not one to offer unconditional allegiance to any political party, I can speak with some assurance on Steve Baker the person. I have known Steve personally for nearly 7 years and his decision to enter politics is based on a genuine desire to do the right thing. He is forthright, honest and, crucially in my view, is blessed with integrity. These are all qualities we must demand of our politicans.

NB, Prestwood:

Steve is a man of great intelligence and compassion who is hard-working and deeply committed to properly representing people in parliament.

SB, Great Kingshill:

I’d love to see Steven as an MP – he’s a local person with the integrity that Parliament badly needs to restore its battered reputation, and the personal drive and intellectual skills to make a real contribution on the national stage.

JE, Speen:

Steve is a good man with a heart to serve the community and the motivation to try and serve the country well.

RC, Speen:

I don’t share his politics but Steve is a forward looking guy with a strong social conscience. Pity more in Parliament don’t share his integrity.

RH, Bryants Bottom:

Steve is good news for business. He understands what it takes to create value and he’s obviously determined to cut regulation.

JP, Walters Ash:

Steve’s local knowledge helps him understand Wycombe and his integrity is just what we need in Parliament!

Selected recommendations from my LinkedIn profile: please follow the link for attribution.

CTO, technology/music industry:

Steve is a hard working, principled and intelligent guy. I would not hesitate to take the opportunity to work with him again. When I heard he was getting involved in politics, I have to say I was excited (and that is pretty much a first with regard to that subject). I believe he has the right mix to really make a difference. While our politics don’t always agree, I will be supporting him in whatever way possible. I think he will have a very positive impact both for the Conservative party and more importantly, for the people who live in the UK.

For the first time in fifteen years, I want to vote!

CEO, technology industry:

Steve is focussed, resourceful and extremely thorough, with really good, really patient people management skills and a great ability to build relationships with clients and business partners.

Client projects manager, technology industry:

Steve’s not just smart and fantastic with customers. He’s also the type who does the dull bits so his staff don’t have to; who stays late to make sure others can go early; who’s generous with his compliments but sparing with his criticism. In short, he’s the kind of guy who can get a team of people to deliver high quality software on time and enjoy themselves while doing it. That’s pretty rare.

Senior software architect and author, investment bank:

Steve is a fantastic person to work with. Witty, smart and very prepared.

Project manager, central government:

I worked with Steve on a number of eProcurement intiatives and can highly recommend Steve as an individual with excellent skills, experience and personal drive. He is a natural mediator, tactician and problem solver.

Senior software engineer, investment bank:

Steven is a great manager to have. He’s smart, brilliant, knows the business very well, and he has got the quality of putting everybody at ease within a project’s team. I’d be glad to work with Steve again and I’d recommend him to any employer.

Teach First teacher:

Steve coached me for a year and our sessions were always highly valuable and insightful. He has strong interpersonal skills and is excellent at analysing issues and breaking down problems. Through our sessions, I was able to better understand the complex problems that I needed to tackle, allowing me to devise workable strategies to achieve my goals. I have no doubt that I performed better in my job because of Steve’s coaching.