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The choice at the next election in 80 seconds

Via sharethefacts.conservatives.com, “the choice at the next election in 80 seconds”: The election in May is the most important in a generation, and the choice couldn’t be clearer. It’s between the competence of the Conservatives, with a long-term economic plan that is securing a better future for Britain – or the chaos of a weak Labour leader propped up by who-knows-what minor party. You can join Wycombe Conservatives or donate here.

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They can’t go on like this

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Via ConservativeHome:

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Enable innovation; don’t ask for it.

(From my professional site) Everyone wants their staff to innovate, but how to get them to do it? It’s a popular word: it means “to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas or products”. That has consequences. Be a transformational leader Obvious? But most organisations force transactional leadership, because it’s easy to monitor. Have a vision, develop your charisma, provide people with an intellectual challenge, and be there every day, committing to the change: get on […]

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But who will lead Britain and Europe to be free?

The freedom message brings us together; it doesn’t divide us. — Ron Paul What about this man?

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Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden Murdered

At 2:14, Bhutto refers smoothly to “the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden” as if his murder was a commonly-known fact. A slip of the tongue?

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Performance indicators

This morning, I found myself reflecting once more on the use of military language in corporations. All day, I hear about strategy, tactics and operations. We “attack” things, usually costs or inefficiencies. And now software is to be a “weapon”. The duty manager has a “second in command”. I wonder who among the people promoting this language could understand or perhaps be moved by General Sir Mike Jackson’s comments in his Dimbleby lecture: The role of the MoD is to […]

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Reasons people do the wrong work

Why don’t people do the right work? They don’t know what to do. They don’t know how to do it. They don’t have the skills to do it. They don’t have the confidence to do it. You are in their way. All these reasons are management failures. The other reasons are laziness, malice and stupidity, but you don’t often meet those, truly. Most people would rather do an interesting and useful day’s work.