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The death knell for ID cards

Our pledge to scrap the National Identity Register and ID cards is one step closer to fulfilment. The Immigration Minister, Damian Green, gave a statement to the House yesterday confirming the process. This is encouraging news for those of us who value freedom: we now won’t have to go to prison over it. Both schemes were wholly illiberal and against the traditional sense of what it means to be British. Here is the full statement: I am today placing in the Library certificates […]

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Britain now the most invasive surveillance state

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Via Right to privacy broken by a quarter of UK’s public databases, says report | The Guardian, we learn that “Britain is now the most invasive surveillance state and the worst at protecting privacy of any western democracy”: A quarter of all the largest public-sector database projects, including the ID cards register, are fundamentally flawed and clearly breach European data protection and rights laws, according to a report published today. Claiming to be the most comprehensive map so far of […]

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Public faith in ID cards slumps

An article illustrating the value of patience (but how difficult it is to be patient in the face of such a scheme): The public’s faith in ID cards has slumped in the wake of a series of data loss scandals by the Government. Those in favour of the card now stand at just 55 per cent after dropping from 60 per cent in August. At the same time, opposition to the £4.7 billion scheme grew from 24 to 26 per […]

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Brown: UK ID Cards will not be compulsory … oh yes they will

… for British citizens. Well, it’s a start. Now how to deal with all their other faulty proposals, plans, policies, treaties and laws? read more | digg story Follow up from No2ID. Oh dear, oh dear: you may not have to have a card, but…

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Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘steal my ID’ stunt backfires

TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been forced to reverse his position after he lost money after publishing his bank account details in a newspaper column. The Top Gear presenter rather rashly published his account details in a column in The Sun to back up his claims that the child benefit data loss furore… read more | digg story