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Full quote on Ofcom for Telegraph

The Telegraph reports, Ofcom accused of stifling ‘criticism’ of Government’s Covid response. Here’s my comment in full: “Time and again, the weight of Ofcom rules about coronavirus coverage upon broadcasters’ legal departments has been explained to me by people with direct experience. “While the actual rulings made appear entirely reasonable, we can only speculate on the extent to which risk aversion within the main broadcasters prevented serious broadcast journalists from applying proper scrutiny to policy. No wonder freedom has been […]


Presentation on Tax Freedom Day

Many thanks to the Adam Smith Institute for having me on the Tax Freedom Day panel this evening. I promised I would publish my referenced slides: find them here.

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Epidemiological predictions – Analysis of prior model failure

Epidemiological predictions – Analysis of prior model failure, a presentation provided to ministers on 26 November 2020 further to this report: Summary of methodological issues in epidemiology, all by Mike Hearn, plan99.net.

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Summary of Methodological Issues in Epidemiology – Mike Hearn

This report on the methodological issues in epidemiology was produced by Mike Hearn, a former senior Google software engineer. I have raised the issues it highlights with the Chairs of the Science and Technology Committee, Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, and the Health and Social Care Committee. I have also raised it with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care as well as the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Find the report here:

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Conservative achievements in 2018

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In 2018, Conservatives in government cut taxes, invested in our public services and continued to back working people. We have done this by: 1. Setting out how we will provide an extra £20.5 billion for the NHS by 2023-24 as part of our long- term plan for the NHS. We are providing £394 million extra a week for the NHS as part of a historic five-year budget settlement. This is an average real terms increase of 3.4 per cent a […]

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There’s no better system to promote prosperity than the free market

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[This article originally appeared on Facebook. The links and references have been modified slightly to suit appearing on this site.] When I read the comments on my last postings on Facebook, I could see just how angry people are with free markets and capitalism. I was particularly struck by the question, “Where’s the compassion?” Compassion is the driving force which makes us want to give to those in need. To have something to give, someone must first produce. A good […]

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Conservatives will govern from the mainstream in the interests of ordinary working families

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[This article was originally posted on Facebook.] As Theresa May said when she first became prime minister, the work of the government under her leadership will be driven not for the benefit of a privileged few but by the interests of ordinary, working families: people who have a job but do not always have job security; people who own their own home but worry about paying the mortgage; people who can just about manage but worry about the cost of […]

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Why I am inspired by the Conservative Manifesto

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[This article was originally published on Facebook.] I am inspired and excited by Theresa May’s manifesto. And that is not something I thought I would ever write. Political manifestos are rarely read, especially by the voting public, and usually quickly dissected for their most controversial content by the media, ignoring the big story, the vision, ideas and practical actions which will drive what we do to serve the public for five years. News needs controversy; good news rarely gets a […]

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My 5 top tips to get and stay in shape

Every year in High Wycombe, they weigh me. In this video, I explain why and give my 5 top tips for those of us who are overweight to get and stay in shape. As I say, we don’t want to be chasing implausible body images. Here’s my video, Body image – it’s time to Be REAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CK0q6smLCY. And everyone should eat the right calories: only eat less if you are overweight. MyFitnessPal is here (other calorie counters are available): Website: https://www.myfitnesspal.com iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/calorie-counter-diet-tracker-by-myfitnesspal/id341232718?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myfitnesspal.android&hl=en_GB […]

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Coming soon: Bank of Dave – watch my interview with Dave Fishwick

On 1 February, I caught up with Dave Fishwick, star of Channel 4’s fantastic series Bank of Dave: Convinced that he can do a better job than the high street banks, Dave Fishwick sets up his own small bank and endeavours to make it profitable – in just 180 days Episodes are here. In this interview, you can learn how Burnley Savings and Loans is making progress towards becoming a proper bank by the end of the year, while preserving […]

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