Minced about in the morning on an FX One in light winds. Then the promised “cross-shore” breeze kicked in on schedule at 15:15 with a perfect force 4-5.

Absolutely screamed to and fro in the FX One, hull out, trapezing at the very back of the boat. And no pitchpoles: not a capsize of any sort. Bloody marvellous.

Laughed my heart out flogging a Pico on a dare as the breeze built. What a horrible plastic pig. (It is, of course, a boat for novice children and the staff abused me appropriately.) If I just stood horizontally across the boat, it couldn’t capsize. It just brought me to the vertical, dumped the air and flopped back up. Tortured that for a bit then took a break.

Tiger tomorrow, I think, for old times’ sake.

The view from the balcony, where I sit now, is quite acceptable too.

View from the Balcony

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