Attempting to live an adventurous life in a nannying age

The Air League Flying Scholarships

The Air League Trust is offering a number of opportunities in aviation and aerospace to young men and women permanently resident in the UK. The competition for flying scholarships opens online in November 2015 and all other competitions on 1 December 2015. Please find more details in the 2016 scholarship flyer. Please […]

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Self-defence training with Combat Academy

It seemed like a good idea to accept an invitation from Combat Academy on my day off. It was. As they say on their site: Our self defence training philosophy, concepts and techniques are among the best in the world and if you are looking for self defence training that […]

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Experiencing an electric motorcycle: the Agility Saietta R

As Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Motorcycling, Motorcycle Action Group recently asked me to experience an electric motorcycle. I was skeptical. Find out how I got on: A review will appear in their magazine shortly. As part of the future of motorcycling, especially in town, electric motorcycles are […]

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