Lovely scattered cumulus today – about 3/8 – looks beautiful from above and beside 😀

Exit at 10,000 feet in a front loop, held for 5 sec. Emerged on my back, watching plane fly off (it’s still surprisingly close after 5 sec!).

Stable practice touch on heading through 9000 feet. Barrel roll left – easy – and stable again. Turns L&R on arms in box position through 180 deg (it’s been a month). Mantis next.

Waved off and pulled at 4000 feet, passing down the side of a cloud. Lovely!

Turbulent in the air and making no headway upwind. Turned crosswind beside desired landing point, but still managed to land in the next field.

A long walk back, bringing me to this post’s Top Tip:

When it’s windy, you’re more likely to fail to make progress upwind than to misjudge it and land too far upwind.

Well, this parachute won’t pack itself…

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