Apple seem to have got this one wrong. People have been reporting problems with:

  • Audio
  • WiFi
  • USB mounting

My annoyance has been my PVR-500r video recorder not mounting. I can bear the once that WiFi stopped working.

Tips online, here and here for example, include:

  1. Podge it by launching the USB Profiler provided in developer tools
  2. Delete the kernel cache files: (a folder in /System/Library/Caches); Extensions.kextcache (a file in /System/Library); and Extensions.mkext (a file in /System/Library/)
  3. Reapply the update using the combo updater rather than the delta.

The first two didn’t work for me; the combo updater is downloading now.

And that didn’t work either, including resetting PRAM.

Fortunately, it mounts on my CEntOS workstation. Linux has come on.

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