Observations on technology.

Burning Linux ISOs on Mac OS X

There is a tedious problem with some Linux disc images on Mac OS X. When you try to mount them using Finder, the error is ” “No Mountable File Systems”. I have not established the detail of why. However, this answer in Apple discussion forums explains how to use Terminal […]

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Visit to Premier Analytical Services

On Friday 18 November, I had the opportunity to visit Premier Analytical Services in Wycombe, part of the Premier Foods Group, a leading UK food producer. Premier Analytical Services specialise in the chemical analysis of food, focusing on food authenticity, food composition and food safety. The lab researches a range of issues […]

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The Investigatory Powers Bill

Yesterday, I voted for the principle of the controversial Investigatory Powers Bill. I very nearly did not: I detest state surveillance as a matter of principle. Unfortunately, the Internet is not only a force for good. It has also liberated and enabled a number of appalling evils which even an […]

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Debate on Superfast Broadband

On Monday 12 October, I attended a debate in the Chamber regarding the variations in effectiveness of roll-out of fixed and mobile superfast broadband in different parts of the UK. I was unable to speak during the debate due to it being heavily over-subscribed, with a 4 minute time limit on […]

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Compassion App launched to bring Wycombe communities together

A High Wycombe resident has developed a new App to support users to capture and share inspiring moments, helping uplift others through motivating posts and interactions. The Compassion App encourages people to go beyond self-interest and give of oneself for the good of the other. The AnonCare App uses technology […]

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