As everyone knows, ketchup sachets are wrong; indeed sachets of anything are wrong. A friend commented:

When I’m Prime Minister, the first thing I’m banning is ketchup sachets.

I have rediscovered something even more banworthy: “resurfacing” the road by spreading tar and gravel then asking people to drive at 10 mph. How stupid. Yes, people should go along with it for the greater good, but as they consistently don’t, we’re just wasting everyone’s money laying a surface that’s worn out before the roadwork signs have been taken away.

I thought this a couple of years ago when a hill down into Oakham was infamously provided with a new worn out surface to replace the old worn out surface. And then they did it again, after getting the local paper to publish an admonition.

Flip-flops are third on the list. You know why.

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