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Launching my new Substack

My new substack: unique insights into UK and international politics, public policy, prosperity and society derived from 30 years of leadership experience in the armed forces, business, parliament and government.

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Steve Baker interview on SpectatorTV

Interview with SpectatorTV

Steve Baker, former MP and Conservative minister, joins The Spectator’s political correspondent James Heale on Spectator TV for his final interview before he takes a break after losing his seat in the general election. He discusses the future Tory leader, the rise of Nigel Farage, and why he’s the man […]

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Steve Baker speaking at the despatch box in the House of Commons

The crisis we are in: the coming default of the welfare state

For years, I’ve warned of the dangers of unaffordable government spending commitments, an economy fuelled by cheap credit and QE, and bubbles that will burst, probably the biggest in history. Here’s the briefing: https://stevebaker.info/2022/07/defaulting-on-the-welfare-state/ Read the book: https://stevebaker.info/2022/07/are-we-in-the-largest-bubble-in-history-an-austrian-school-analysis-by-steve-baker-mp-max-rangeley/ Watch the movie:

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Chart of the votes cast in Wycombe 2001-24

GE 2024 – What happened in Wycombe

Half of previous Conservative voters stayed at home Labour just won Wycombe with about 16,000 votes to my 11,000. In 2019, there were about 25,000 Conservative voters and in 2017, 27,000: I lost 2000 voters to the LibDems over Brexit. In 2024, even allowing for the loss of Hazlemere and […]

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Steve Baker outside Lane End Primary School

Wycombe’s Schools are Safer with the Conservatives

Since becoming Wycombe’s MP in 2010, schools and our education system have always been a key area of my work. From my time speaking with pupils at local schools, hosting students in Parliament, or putting the concerns of headteachers to the Government, I know how important our diverse schools are […]

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