Hired a Suzuki Vitara (it’s a total lemon), relaxed with a book and waited for the cross-shore breeze to kick in: one of the cool kids now?

The wind duly arrived at 14:30. Took a Pacific 18 – like a Tiger, but simpler and a little heavier – and hooned around with a splendid fellow who only learned to trapeze yesterday. Great fun.

Then hooned around at the helm of a Tiger with another good guy. Mostly reaching and beating: we’ll need to practice with the slightly odd gennaker arrangement in tomorrow’s lighter morning breeze before we run with it in the cross-shore. The reaches were absolutely screaming 😀

We didn’t measure the cross-shore, but there were plenty of white horses. Guessing a force 5-6.

An appropriate day and I’m beginning to relax:

Steve at Wildwind, Day 2

Wildwind’s 20th anniversary BBQ is tonight. The band is just tuning up behind me and Joe is warming over his jokes 😉

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