Friday: KTM went for a water pump and they loaned me a 690. Saturday: K1200S in for a service, so Mark Goodhand and I borrowed an F800S and R1200S respectively.

Superb ride for two hours in the Cotswolds, stopping in Burford. Autmn has its merits, even if those don’t include clean, dry roads.

R1200R and F800S in Burford

The R1200S is a superb motorcyle with easy, relaxing handling and plenty of pace. Sure, it’s quirky, tugging to the right from tickover, and it’s not as fast as a four, but it is a real pleasure to ride.

The F800S is quick and adequate, but not exciting or a real pleasure. Mark expressed an interest in a K1200R on our return to North Oxford Garage…

A test ride was forthcoming and back we went into the Cotswolds, me on my S (and how I love that bike). Mark’s pleasure riding it was clearly visible: I laughed out loud. The outcome was inevitable.

Yes, Mark has bought an R and this pairing may yet be seen again.

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