Unashamedly inspired by John Redwood’s “12 things I would like the government to cancel for christmas”.

  1. Begin fundamental reform of the EU: ensure our self-determination, liberty and competitiveness. That beginning is a failure to ratify the Lisbon Treaty.
  2. Develop a sustainable energy policy: protect the environment and safeguard society from shortages of fossil fuels.
  3. Scrap ID cards: protect the public by collecting less data and correctly implementing the basics of information security.
  4. Restore the public finances to a sustainable state.
  5. Simplify the tax code.
  6. Accept variation in outcomes: decentralise.
  7. Stop paying consultants to do the work of civil servants.
  8. Scrap regional government: assemblies and development agencies.
  9. Determinedly eliminate QUANGOs.
  10. Develop a formal Constitution for the United Kingdom which restores our protections from the state, which will reveal future constitutional changes and which introduces a limited system of direct democracy to boost democratic engagement.

I’d love to propose banning ketchup sachets but we are beyond frivolity.

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