Well, I have faith the weather will improve this morning and for the rest of the week. Yesterday was a washout and it’s overcast now; apparently we are expecting a front to shift…

Mustang at Skydive DeLand

The accommodation is great fun. Bags of American character with old-fashioned furniture and slat windows for my room under the veranda that let the breeze in 🙂 Great breakfast and a friendly atmosphere. More here.

The Mustang is highly amusing. We have a V6, which actually accelerates when you put the boot in, rather than simply making more noise like the vile Chrysler 300C I had in Boston. The finish is cheap – horrible plastics, unlined boot lid – and the handling a bit rubbish. It wallows, the automatic gearbox is 20 years out of date and both the brakes and throttle come in too abruptly. However, it has bags of ground clearance – I’m certain the entrance to the Inn would ground the Saab – and it’s on high-sidewall mud and snow tyres, so it might actually be quite useful on any kind of American road in any conditions.

My new rig is beautiful, and comfortable too. I bought a full face, carbon helmet (Bonehead Mamba) and an Optima audible altimeter, so I am now fully equipped. The rig is a Vector 3 in custom colours with a matching Sabre2 210 main – the predictable choice – and a PD Reserve (193). For additional safety, it has a Skyhook RSL and a Cypres.

Now, just the weather…

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