Four great skydives today, once the weather cleared around 11:00.

One stable for familiarisation: dive exit, three practice touches, then turns and side slides to pull at 3500′. The new canopy is beautiful and flies wonderfully. I’m delighted to have a 210 sq ft canopy not a 190. The loading is one-to-one at my generous body mass and it’s pretty sporty. DeLand arranges to collect you by pick up from the main landing area, which is nice.

Jump two was unstable for fun and confidence: somersault, back flip and barrel roll to land in a field of cows well off the DZ. We learned to look independently for the green light before jumping today.

Two attempts at two-way formation with Mark. A fraction of a second late exiting and I was well above. Diving to him, I went too far and we remained separated by about 100 feet for the rest of the dive, with both of us trying to fix it. Tumbled out – somehow! – on the next jump, but we reached and controlled a level together. Arrived at separation height with just a foot between us. Great to be in the sky with someone else and we reckon we learned a great deal trying.

Coached jumps start tomorrow and the forecast is good…

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