Beth hired a 4×4 for Utah: we were allocated a Murano:

Nissan Murano

It’s really rather good. The steering is typically lifeless, but it’s still worth handling with finesse. The CVT gearbox is smooth and responsive, matching the throttle action, and the transmission includes both sport and low settings. The active all-wheel drive seems to do the trick at all times and you can lock it on. The brakes are powerful and beautifully progressive. The V6 has enough power for at least mediocre acceleration, while delivering at least mediocre fuel consumption.

Inside, it’s spacious and luxurious. In combination with reach-adjustable pedals and a tilting steering wheel, the electric seat seems to provide a million comfortable driving positions. It’s virtually silent through 75 mph and it’s very comfortable.

In the snow, the all-season Goodyear Eagle LS tyres, provide useful grip with AWD locked on in low gear, but gross understeer is available at all times. With care, it’s safe enough. Proper winter tyres would be a major improvement.

I had hoped for a Ford Expedition or something similarly vulgar, but I suppose I’ll just have to make do with this thoroughly acceptable vehicle.

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