We were out in Aylesbury this evening, canvassing a year in advance of the local elections in this area. People really appreciate being asked what they think when there is no election around the corner.

What people have to say, and what they don’t say, is interesting, and that’s every-day, hard-working people.

  • Social provision is failing. There’s too little support for carers and the basic state pension cannot be relied upon.
  • Society is broken and the police are not acting to people’s satisfaction. Parents don’t seem to take an interest in their kids, and many kids lack discipline and self respect.
  • Education isn’t what it was.
  • Roads, verges and pavements in domestic areas are a mess.

People aren’t worrying about the British constitution, high taxes or business regulation, but they have spotted that Labour’s promises have not been fulfilled by their big state.

Fortunately, the Conservative campaign – You can get it – is well aligned to people’s concerns.

I’m out backing Boris twice this week – we’ll see what Londoners think.

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