I missed this speech. The Conservatives at least are thinking seriously about food security.

Highlights from the conclusion, starting with the three action points:

Making a genuine free market by ending – once and for all – production subsidies, so British farmers can compete fairly with foreign competitors.

Creating a level-playing field of regulations so British farmers are not put at a disadvantage.

And helping farmers re-connect with consumers at home, so more money is being spent on more British food, meaning more profits for British farmers and more investment in British agriculture.

And how this ties in with the Conservative vision:

If we give farmers greater freedom – by creating a genuine free market for you to work in, by changing our whole approach to regulation, and giving you the means to connect with your customers through proper food labelling and the ability to set up food co-operatives…

…we are literally giving them more power and more control over the decisions that affect them.

Once you have that power, as a Conservative, I fundamentally believe you will become far more conscious about the way you use it.

More responsible about your environmental impact.
More responsible about the kind of food you produce as you’ll be judged by consumers not government.
And more responsible in making sure you reduce your costs, meet rising demand and produce more of our country’s food. And the overall affect will be to make Britain greener and safer.

Yes, reduced carbon emissions.
But absolutely fundamentally, guaranteed food security.
I believe this vision can become a reality.

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