Liberty’s campaign continues, describing Britain’s powers as an
international disgrace.

Some snippets from their latest campaign email:

Not Genuine Emergency Powers: The proposal has been dressed up with
more language about ‘grave and exceptional terrorist threats’, but
there is still no legal requirement for a terrorist emergency to exist
and no requirement for the Home Secretary to show that 42 days
detention is urgently needed to deal with any threat. Forty-two days
could still become routine, triggered for operational convenience in
individual cases.

Parliamentary Oversight: The amendments promise more Parliamentary
oversight but, however diligent our Parliamentarians, this could not
provide anything more than a rubber-stamping exercise. The 42 day
limit would still be triggered to keep a particular individual in
custody. This would, therefore, involve Parliament debating individual
cases which could prejudice future prosecutions.

Judicial Oversight: The role of a judge in approving the use of 42
days in individual cases is of little comfort as, before a person is
charged there is, by definition, no evidence for a court to test. No
CPS application to detain a person for between 14 and 28 days has ever
been refused. The courts would not be able to overturn these ?reserve
powers? if triggered in a disproportionate or irrational way or in a
way which breaches human rights.

Please email your MP to ask them to oppose these proposals. More at:

Shall we live in fear and hate or courage, tolerance and hope?

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