As I read the papers this morning, I am struck by the wackiness of some responses to the Irish “no” – for example that Ireland could withdraw from integration for a period – and by a theme which seems to infest the thinking of the yes camp. I will call it “the Lisbon Denial”.

The Lisbon Denial is a failure to consider that electorates do not wish to be governed by the EU.

It is a concept so unthinkable to those who have dedicated their lives to “the Project” that they would rather believe ordinary people have considered the details and decided the Treaty is not quite right here and there. The eurofanatics seem think that just a little more power in the hands of the EU, exercised for just a little longer will demonstrate the magnificence of the idea to the people of Europe.

This really should be put to bed with referenda in all the member states who have not yet ratified.

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