The self-confessed Marxists from The New Statesman held a conference fringe event today: “Policing Social Cohesion”. They were surprised by the number who attended. The room was stuffed full of people who railed against social injustice and Labour’s top-down control, which is, as we heard, a straightjacket on all involved. Just one example here.

Their political editor asked PPC for Hammersmith Shaun Bailey whether, given his passion against injustice and greedy bankers, he should actually be a Conservative: the room responded with an emphatic, “Yes!”

The left have no monopoly on empathy or good will: but they do have well-intentioned measures that amount to asking committed professionals to sprint through treacle.

We will always have to put up with this sort of poisonous nonsense from people who think liberal means socialist, but we must and we can wash away their treacle of bureaucracy. I will be glad to help do so.

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