Graham reminded me how many people are now dependent on our deeply indebted state. For example, 1 in 5 of the UK’s whole workforce is in the public sector. They are net recipients of tax income, as are their children, if they are the sole breadwinner or their partner is also on the public sector payroll.

A while back, the CPS published Maurice Saatchi’s “Enemy of the People” covering this subject among others. It is prepared as a charge sheet:

Conspiracy to enslave United Kingdom citizens by making them unnecessarily dependent on the State (Count One)

Conspiracy to force United Kingdom nationals to claim benefits to pay higher taxes (Count Two)

Incitement of poor people to pay more tax than rich people (Count Three)

Solicitation of multiple tax revenues by stealth (Count Four)

Attempt to obstruct, interfere, impair, impede and defeat the right of United Kingdom nationals to independence (Count Five)

Conspiracy to provide material support and resources to mesmerise and anaesthetise United Kingdom citizens (Count Six)

Attempt to conceal and/or falsely represent their true status as an enemy of the people (Count Seven)

It includes such statements as this:

The evidence will show in Exhibit C1 that [reciept of benefits to pay tax] is how [Labour] vastly increased the percentage of people who are in receipt of State benefits or credits – up from 24% to 39% in ten years. The evidence will show that so far they made almost half the people in Britain economically beholden to the State.

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