Gordon Brown’s slip of the tongue in PMQs was as hilarious as it was revealing. But it may also prove very costly.

Just after midday today, we witnessed the gaffe that may eventually come to be seen as Gordon Brown’s defining moment as prime minister. You will see it on the television news tonight. You will see it on YouTube. It will be replayed whenever Brown’s career is recalled. It is all cruelly, ridiculously, terribly unfair. And yet …

Prime minister’s question time was barely under way at Westminster when Brown, anxious to drive home his usual line about how Labour’s readiness to act in the economic crisis contrasts with the Tories’ allegedly “do-nothing” approach, mangled his words. Brown obviously meant to say that Labour had not only stepped in to save the banks but was also pressing them to start lending. The words that actually left Brown’s mouth, though, were these: “We not only saved the world …”

See also Guido Fawkes.

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