From the first days of my leadership I made clear that the modern Conservative Party believes in responsible business and ethical capitalism – an economy with rules. The rules completely broke down under Gordon Brown and it is part of our economic vision to recreate them without chucking free markets and all their benefits overboard. And our vision of a good future is of a less materialistic country, more concerned with people and our relationships; a contributor society not a consumer society.

Neither will we solve our economic problems unless we solve our environmental problems because the costs of climate change and the costs of energy insecurity are soon going to outweigh the costs of doing something about it.

So it’s not just the economy, stupid. It’s everything, stupid. Yes it’s the economy – but it’s also society and it’s also the environment. To achieve a good future, of course we need wealth and prosperity. But what is that worth without the things that make life worth living: a stable, loving family; a safe, friendly neighbourhood, a good local school? A job that’s worth doing, a place that’s a pleasure to live in, a country where it’s not such a constant hassle to get around.

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