Boris piles in:

We need Members who defy party pressures and go with their conscience, says Boris Johnson.

They file through the lobbies to vote – and what are they voting on? Nine times out of 10, they haven’t a clue. All they know, because their BlackBerrys tell them, is whether the whips want them to vote Aye or Nay; and so they shuffle obediently on and then, with a fatuous sense of a job done and a public served, they return to their dinners or the yielding arms of their companions of the evening; and yet another unnecessary and ill-drafted law prepares to enter the statute book; and the put-upon people of this country will be chivvied or taxed or cajoled or coerced in some new way by MPs who have only the vaguest understanding of what they have done.

If we had fewer MPs, and they were forced to concentrate on what they were actually doing, we would have much less legislation, and I can’t think of a better way of saving us all time, trouble and money.

We need a Parliament of rebels, and we need it now.

via Where are the rebel MPs who will dare to vote from the heart? – Telegraph.

Agreed, for issues outside the manifesto; now I wonder if he spoke to DC first…

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