Via Child stabbings almost double in five years – Telegraph:

Youngsters aged under 18 needing hospital treatment for wounds from a knife or sharp object have leapt up by 83 per cent since 2003, NHS figures show.

There has also been a sharp rise in the number of children needing hospital treatment for any form of assault, signalling a growing trend in violence against youngsters.

But via The Centre for Social Justice:

We are thrashing around looking for a strategy when actually we should be providing leadership where we are prepared to put our reputation on the line and say, “I will be accountable for delivering this”. What the parents of my son’s friends want is this leadership. They know it is not as simple as locking everyone up who carries a knife. They know all young people need a hope and a future and that many do not have that, and they know that long-term success lies in tackling the roots of social breakdown. We know this too. The challenge now for us is to actually implement the strategies contained in our policy documents. To take them down off the shelf and turn them into a reality that can transform lives and cities. That is the privilege of government and that is why we came into politics.

Emphasis mine.

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