Congratulations Sarah Wollaston. Via A popular raspberry against yah-boo politics | Nick Bye – Times Online :

The selection of a new Conservative candidate for Totnes by a postal ballot of all constituents is a radical break with the traditional selection process. But not only that, the three candidates put forward by the local Conservative Association were a real break with the past too, showing that politics has moved on a great deal.

The story, of course, is that Sarah Wollaston, the local GP and non-politician, stole the prize because the good folk of Totnes and elsewhere are fed up with politicians. I am not sure it was as simple as that. Dr Wollaston played a blinder and, as any aspiring candidate would sensibly do, made the most of her many strengths — I call that showing superb political instincts. And if she does the same at Westminster it will make her somebody to watch.

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