The top ten political commandments for an MP

1 – Thou shalt never forget that politics is about improving lives. Other people’s, not your own

2 – Be honest with the voters

3 – MPs shall treat constituents, stakeholders and staff as they themselves would wish to be treated – with genuine respect and good manners

4 – Thou shalt hold the executive to account, regardless of party affiliation, On behalf of the people of the United Kingdom

5 – An MP should not give publicly-funded jobs to family or household members. Recruit openly instead, and advertise locally

6 – Thou shalt not enter the political arena for personal gain

7 – Thou shalt not outsource your judgement, independence or opinions to the chief whip

8 – Thou shalt be able to demonstrate independence of mind

9 – Do what you promised to do in your manifesto

10 – MPs & PPCs should be transparent, open & engaging, and take advantage of all available channels

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